Rye New York

Rye, New York

The township of Rye, New York State, USA, was founded early in the 17th century by settlers from Rye, Sussex.
Both parishes observe the second Sunday in Advent as an annual day of commemoration. The Rectors of both churches exchange greetings which are read out at the main service in each church.  (2018 greetings from Christ's Church
HERE and to Christ's Church HERE)
An inscribed slab under the tower crossing was donated by the Americans, and in return a piece of stone from the fabric of St Mary's was sent to Christ's Church, Rye, New York.

Their website is www.ccrye.org.


Rye, Victoria

A link with St Andrew's Church in Rye, Victoria, Australia was created in 2017 when it was agreed between the two parishes that they would pray for each other on the first Sunday in September. An exchange of letters took place which we hope will continue for many years. (2018 greetings from St Andrew's HERE and to St Andrew's HERE)

Rye is a small seaside town about 52 miles south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula and was founded by people from Rye, Sussex. St Andrew's is one of two churches in the Parish of Sorrento with Rye, part of the Diocese of Melbourne. Their website is www.srac.org.au