St Mary’s Ecology Policy

 Agreed by the PCC in 2011

St Mary’s Church will promote the stewardship of God’s world through teaching, prayer, worship and practical action

 We will:

  • Hold services and events with themed worship, prayer and teaching on the care of creation 
  • Manage our use of energy in heating and lighting to minimise our carbon footprint
  • Manage our resources wisely, in particular reduce, recover, repair, re-use, recycle
  • Manage our cleaning and maintenance using environmentally-friendly materials where possible
  • Undertake our catering with LOAF principles in mind (Locally sourced, Organic, Animal-friendly, Fairly traded)
  • Explore how to make the churchyard a more sympathetic environment for plants and wildlife
  • Support Fair Trade in order to promote sustainable farming, ethical employment and the reduction of poverty through self-sufficiency
  • Raise awareness of green issues through publicising information and activities in the pew sheet, ‘Pendulum’, the notice board and the media
  • Promote links with the community through organising and supporting ‘green’ activities and events in Rye and beyond